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What is

Red Global?

Red Global Cargo (RGC) is a leading company in the field of foreign trade worldwide (Logistic Operator) always seeking the best opportunities for small, medium- sized and large Mexican companies, as well as for foreigners with foreign trade activities in Mexico.


The group of companies integrated and represented by Red Global Cargo has its origins in an organization founded in 1996 with the purpose of serving as a Customs Agency to public and private companies with international trade operations.

 Ever since, our development is based on offering integrated and suitable services to the requirements of worldwide import and export.




Support and promote International Trading in Mexico, collaborating with the business community in development projects in the country providing the best customs and national and international logistics services that globalization requires, currently in international commerce.

RGC is always qualified to be a leader in the market for services in foreign trade, such as Customs Agency, National and International logistics and everything related to an integral consultancy in the industry.

Offering an integral service for the domestic entrepreneur in their import and export operations to ensure safety, professionalism and competitive costs that contribute to the development of international trade in Mexico, in addition to being influential with all companies in the international orb.


Providing an integral service with high levels of professionalism in your foreign trade operations, bringing high quality service and seeking continuous improvement in order to meet high customer satisfaction, all of the above through the experience of our staff, and cutting edge infrastructure.

RED GLOBAL CARGO aims to meet customer requirements, optimizing services and costs, contributing to the development of industrial and commercial plants.

• National Logistics


• National Parcel delivery


• Customs Agency


• International Logistics


• International Courier to Central and South America (Copa Air Lines)


• Foreign Trade Counseling


• Logistics Counseling


• IATA Agent


• Export Packing


• Customs processing agency


• Distribution (Mexico City and metropolitan Area E-fulfillment)

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