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Export and Import

Customs Offices

a) Mexico City International Airtport (AICM)

b) Veracruz Port, Veracruz.

c) Lázaro Cárdenas Port

d) Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

e) Hidalgo City, Chiapas


We offer counseling, prepare documentation, and perform the export or import (if required) through our customs agency and distributor in all countries.

International logistics

Export and Import

a) From Asia to Mexico

b) From Europe to Mexico

c) From USA to Mexico

d) From Central and South America to Mexico


Domestic Logistics

(Mexican Territory)

Land services to all the states in Mexico in all types of transportation equipment.

Pick & Pack


We offer spacious warehouses in all our stations to store inventories as well as consolidation and deconsolidation services.

We collect and pack according to customer specifications throughout the US and Latin America.

e - Fulfillment


Database management, Inventory Management System, labeling, vertical gates, etc.

Local, foreign (courier and parcel) and international delivery (Airlines, shipping lines, and carriers)


Competitive and clear fares through alliances with airlines, shipping lines,  couriers, bonded warehouses, distributors, etc.)

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